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Golf Course Etiquette

As a beginner, a lot of people will fail to take into consideration one of the most important parts of using a golf course, and that is exercising proper golf course etiquette. Nobody likes playing with someone who isn’t considerate of other people’s time and space, and you can avoid making the mistake of being [...]

Finding a Golf Course

Public Golf Courses

When you are searching for local golf courses, you will have to divide your playing time between using private golf courses and the ones that are open to the general public. As the name implies, private golf courses can’t be used by just anybody, they will normally require a membership to the country club to [...]

Country Clubs

Country Club Memberships

If you are the type of person that loves to spend a lot of time outdoors doing all sorts of different sports, then you should take some time to seriously consider a country club membership. Country clubs have a reputation for being overpriced places for only wealthy people to play their sports. This may be [...]