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Course Pro

Taking Golf Lessons

Whether you are a seasoned professional, an enthusiast, or have picked up the clubs for the first time in your life, golf lessons are important. By taking lessons, you can hone the skills you already have, or pick up new ones to perfect your form, swing, and follow-through. But where to go to get lessons? [...]


Golf Gifts

So you are looking for gifts to give the golfer in your life – maybe it’s a relative, your boss, your spouse, or a friend who likes to hit the green and play a few rounds. But what do you get someone who enjoys playing golf? Many of you will say clubs. Indeed, this is [...]

Municipal Golf Courses

Tee Times

Most people who are familiar with the game of golf will be able to tell you that the term tee times refers to when a golfer should ideally be hitting off their first stroke of a round. But to someone who is relatively new to the sport, this very well could be new information to [...]