Discounted Green Fees

More Greens...Less Fees - Get Golf Card!

When looking for places to golf – be it while you are away on vacation or near your home, it is wise to see what specials the various clubs and courses are running. A quick search online will give you the discounted green fees for almost any location, and for individual or group rates.

As you probably know, golf is an incredibly fun sport, that practically anyone can enjoy. You know this, the tournament organizers know this, and almost every resort knows this. This is why, with a little hunting, you can find incredible deals when looking for a place – from tee off times to year-long memberships, there are some fantastic deals to be had for the casual golfer, the enthusiast, and even the aspiring professional golfer.


All The Best Golf Deals In One Place

Rather than scouring the local papers or checking the bulletin board at your local golf club to see when there are special events or discounts to play or membership rates, you should head over to in order to see all the great deals at the courses, no matter where you are or plan to be.

For the past 30 years, Golf Card has been the premier organization in getting golfers the best discounts on their favorite courses. Now, with , you not only have access to the courses in your area – you can look at the great discounts at nearly 3,000 courses in the United States and Canada.


Do you live in Upstate New York? Check out the great deals in Newburgh! Are you in Nebraska? Might as well play the 18 at the Valley View Golf Club. Is your company sending you on a business trip to Ontario? Stop on by Lombard Glen and play a few holes with your clients. Planning a vacation to Puerto Rico? Why not take in a few rounds on the green in between relaxing on the beaches and partying at night. No matter where you are in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, or Costa Rica, can find the best courses near you, and give you the best deals.

Stop Paying Too Much For You Golf Game

Golf is not a cheap game. Apart from the equipment, there are still fees to join clubs, and even to play a single round. Why pay for a full year-long membership  at a golf club you are only going to visit a few days out of the year, or be near once in your lifetime? Golf Card has partnered with all of these courses, resorts, and clubs in order to give you the option of golfing no matter where you are, and at a great discounted price.


There are some stunning and absolutely amazing courses out there, but not everyone lives driving distance to justify a membership. With Golf Card, you discounted green fees for yourself, and incredible deals when you show up to a course with a partner, or even a whole group of friends.

The savings and package specials are year-round, so you can put aside your skepticism that you will only be able to play during off-season times. Golf Card has discounted rates at all of their courses 365 days a year, so you will not be forced to go out on the green in knee-high snow at two in the morning.

The Savings Aren’t Just On The Green

Golf Card knows that most golfers plan trips and vacations to include golfing, so not only will you be getting great discounts at the courses and clubs – in fact, you will be able to plan your entire trip. Everything from discounts on rental cars, travel discounts, credit card rewards, and much more are offered to Golf Card Members.

While the family is hitting the beaches, or if you don’t want to take your business clients to the local hamburger joint to negotiate a big contract – or if you just want some time to yourself or with your friends to enjoy the pleasures that golf offers – just go to and check out the times for teeing off, the maps of the courses, driving direction to get there, and let your membership take care of the rest. From playing the most exclusive golf clubs, to special members-only tournaments, and weekend or vacation package deals, Golf Card and will let you make your next outing in a few clicks. Save time. Save money. Get more out of your enjoyment and passion for golf and check out the best greens at discounted rates with and start playing today!