Golf Gifts

So you are looking for gifts to give the golfer in your life – maybe it’s a relative, your boss, your spouse, or a friend who likes to hit the green and play a few rounds. But what do you get someone who enjoys playing golf?

Many of you will say clubs. Indeed, this is the obvious choice, but most people who play even casually have their own set, which is measured and weighted to their height and reach. So, take this idea and go one step further. Instead of sneaking into their closets and garages to take the measurements of their clubs, you can take them out to a specialty shop to get the clubs together. If you want to get really fancy, you can pay for a personalized set, complete with the golfer’s signature.

For those of you who are looking for something a little more modest, there are a lot of great golf gifts out there, from personalized custom-made golf balls, to monogrammed tees, shirts and bags. Nothing makes an outing on the green more special than using a ball with the player’s own name on it – it avoids confusion on the course, and a little vanity never hurt anyone’s confidence when playing a round or two.

Some of you may want to go all out for that special golfer in your life. For the person who already has the personalized balls, monogrammed shirts and bonnet, and who has worn out many copies of Dorf On Golf, you have many options available to you.

You might want to get those golf enthusiasts memberships to the courses and golf clubs near their homes, or buy them a pass to play at one of the more exclusive places. You certainly cannot go wrong with an autographed picture or piece of memorabilia from their favorite golfers, or a piece of history from one of the more historical golf tournaments.

For the avid player, with a more practical side, you might want to look at golf ball racks, instructional videos, books on techniques, or even game lessons from a personal golf instructor. These all make perfect gifts for the golfer who likes to get out there on the green as often as he or she can.

There are also those golfers who have lives outside of the fairway. You can browse around and find cookware, artwork, bar décor for the den, glasses, plates, pens – you name it! Any type of golf-related accent for almost any room in the home or office is available with just a little research. Golf is not only an incredibly popular sport, but it is a growing hobby, so finding these gifts won’t be hard.

You may know someone who doesn’t just love golf – they eat, sleep, and breathe golf. They have the books. They record the tournaments on television. They cut their home lawn to course specification. For the eager enthusiast, you can get very creative with your gifts. Look for portable putting games so they can practice at home or in the office to improve their score on the green. Get them tickets to one of the professional tournaments. Look at books that detail the history of golf, or memoirs from the great masters – but be sure they don’t already own copies before you make the purchase.

When all of the other options have been explored and exhausted – depending on how well you know the golfer in your life – you can always go the route of the novelty gift. This can cover a wide range from lucky clover ball markers, to shirts that say “World’s Greatest Golfer,” pint glasses that read “Hole In One!,” to a necktie featuring a golfing green.

Remember, when nothing else will do, a golfer from the casual player to the obsessed enthusiast can always use the basics. A plain set of golf balls, a box of tees, covers for their spikes, a weather proofing kit for their golf bag, or covers for their clubs – all of these things are not only useful, but they will be appreciated by golfers of any age and level of experience.

In short, no matter who you know the odds are that if they like golf to any degree, you will be able to find a lot of gifts that they will enjoy. From the practical to the extravagant, and even the silly, there are gifts that perfectly suit the personalities and enthusiasm of the special golfers in your life – for a holiday, special occasion, or simply “just because.”