Planning a Golf Vaction

If you love golf, then the best vacation in the world for you is probably going to be a golfing adventure somewhere at a great U.S. or foreign golf resort location. There are many of these types of golf vacations and also many hotels that are offering special golf vacation packages.  These are usually cheaper than the hotel’s regular rates or if you bought all of the included amenities separately.

Where are golf vacations available?

It doesn’t matter what kind of location or type of golf you like, whether it is a busy city location or a beach or even a mountain resort, you can find a golf vacation at all of these. You can also take your non-golfing friends or relatives and they too can have fun while you play golf. Most of these locations have plenty of stuff available for the whole family even if they may not like golf.

There are more than 300 of these resorts locations with hotels and golf packages in the U.S. alone to choose from. Plus, if you check them out through the various state Chambers of Commerce or convention bureau and find all the information you need to find out how much the golfing vacation will cost, and you can also get both paper and digital travel guides, as well as check out the choices with the state’s Better Business Bureau for more information.

Besides the U.S., there are also several choices all over the world like Scotland, England, or other locations. All you have to do is check out the golf courses there, organize your itinerary and travel plans, and you will be well on your way to sampling some of the best golf courses and locations worldwide.

It’s great to go through the excitement of planning your very own golf vacation no matter where you go and finding the perfect course, as well as the perfect hotel and other activities is half the fun. Of course the other half is getting there and getting to play your dream game of golf on these beautiful and sometimes even famous locations.

Golf Packages are Also Available

If you don’t want to plan your vacation all by yourself, then you can just pick an available golf vacation package at a travel agency or other location. Then, you get everything planned in advance for you with your hotel room, tee times, golf carts, and everything else you need.  You can get these vacations for any length of time you like from a couple of days to a couple of weeks. No matter what your budget is, you can find the perfect golf vacation to fit your dreams and desires.

Sometimes you can even find special deals that will save you even more money. These packages may offer things like multiple rounds of golf, special hotel rates, or any number of things at cheaper prices than if you bought it separately. The specials are usually offered at non-peak times of the year, however, so it depends also on the time of year you want to go on your dream golf vacation package. Still yet, going during the off season can bring you fantastic savings, so it is something to seriously consider. Plus, no crowds to bog you down while you are out on the golf course!

How do you best choose where to go?

Since there are hundreds of choices for a golfing vacation, how does one choose from all of these fantastic ideas? You can begin by looking through various golf magazines to see what the courses look like or even checking out the websites for these golf courses you are interested in the most. You can see which ones are rated the best and even get a chance to see the recommendations of other golfers who have been there. These things will help you to decide where to go on you golfing vacation.

You can use all of these things to design your best golfing vacation and find the perfect mix of your budget and your desires. You can also plan no matter if it is a single vacation for just yourself, a getaway for a couple or maybe even a group vacation for you and all your golfing buddies. No matter which is, you can have the fun of planning it or having a travel agency do it for you to save you time.

You need also to think about the course itself and how hard or easy it is so you will know if it is going to fit your needs and ability. The many courses have lots of choices for all levels of golfers so you are bound to find one that you love. No matter if you go to a course in the U.S. or one in Ireland, or some other dream location, you will find the camaraderie of golfers everywhere. If you do go abroad, you may need to also consider things like the language and customs of the country you are going to.


Plus, some of the famous courses in England and Scotland even require an invitation to play on, which is something you need to know if you are planning your vacation on your own. You don’t want to get all your hotel and other plans all in shape and then not be able to even play golf. This is one reason why using a travel agency can be a good idea when you plan your dream golfing vacations.

Other considerations

You also need to think about things like weather when planning your vacation. You can check out the averages online at your desired location and if you are lucky, you will have beautiful sunny days at your desired dream golf vacation location.

No matter what kind of fantastic golf vacation you desire or plan, you will thrill to playing golf on all your favorite courses and having fun at some faraway destination or even a destination closer to home.