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Golf Dress Code

Golf is a sport which is becoming increasingly popular. However golf, while it is a sport that is accessible to practically anyone within distance of a driving range or course, still has some particulars as to what is appropriate attire when out on the grass with your clubs. For the most part, when one thinks [...]

Discounted Green Fees

When looking for places to golf – be it while you are away on vacation or near your home, it is wise to see what specials the various clubs and courses are running. A quick search online will give you the discounted green fees for almost any location, and for individual or group rates. As [...]

Tee Times

Most people who are familiar with the game of golf will be able to tell you that the term tee times refers to when a golfer should ideally be hitting off their first stroke of a round. But to someone who is relatively new to the sport, this very well could be new information to [...]

Municipal Golf Courses

A common misconception regarding golf courses is that they are all privately owned. The truth is, this couldn’t any falser, and there are actually city-run golf courses that operate as a non-profit business, purely there for the citizen’s own enjoyment- these care called municipal golf courses. The idea of this sounds pretty appealing to somebody [...]